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SnackEgg Candy and nut dispenser

• Sensorgesteuerter Snack und Nussspender
• Hygienisches knabbern leicht gemacht
• Ideal für Nüsse, Smarties, Bonbons und Cerealien
• Beinhaltet 4x austauschbare AAA Batterien
• Spülmaschinenfest

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SnackEgg is a candy and nut dispenser, activated by motion sensor… Simply place your hand in front of the opening, and enjoy a premeasured portion of your favorite snack!
Sharing is caring, SnackEgg makes easy hygienic candy sharing easy. No more nasty snack bowl, which are nice for sharing a snack, but unfortunately a good way to share some germs as well.
Best for dispensing hard candy, nuts and chocolates (e.g. Skittles, Jelly Beans, M&Ms). Even works well for breakfast cereal. As soon as you place your hand under the chute, SnackEgg will dispense a premeasured snack for you, which can be enjoyed without any worries. Bon Appetite.
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