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FireWire / 2pcs-Set

Born-2-Grill. Der flexible Grillspieß aus Edelstahl.

2 FireWire Spieße
Länge: 75cm
Material: lebensmittelechter Edelstahl


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Finally a skewer that fits on every grill thanks to its flexibility. Marinating is also easier than ever. Load the FireWire and off it goes into the marinade. Thanks to its flexibility, the FireWire can easily be marinated in a bowl or in a plastic bag.

Made from special food-grade stainless steel, FireWire is particularly durable and heat-resistant. Optically, the stylish skewer looks a bit like a knitting needle. The pin at the end of the FireWire is used both to spear the food and to use as a handle for turning it over while grilling.


Good Housekeeping Magazine, VIP AWARDS The Gourmet Housewares Show, Gourmet Golds Winner spoga gafa cologne, BARBECUE PARK, TOP 10 INNOVATION
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