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SOI. the automatic handbag light

Stop seaching. Find.
SOI. puts an end to rummaging in pockets and backpacks.

Diamete: 7cm
Weight: 50g
Battery type: 2x AAA batteries (included, replaceable)
Battery capacity: approx. 6000 cycles (1,5 – 2 years)
Light duration: 10 sec.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany


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76 days of rummaging. That is simply too much.
The “Bag Stories” study found that women spend an average of 76 days of their lives looking for items in their bags. We thought that was a lot. Too much.
SOI. provides a remedy and is super easy to use. A lamp that lights up as soon as you start digging in your bag. Without a switch and with a proximity sensor. After ten seconds, the SOI. turns itself off again automatically. The circular shape with an elliptical cross-section stands for elegant, timeless design. The shape and surface resemble a "worry stone".
Of course, SOI. does not only work in handbags, but also in suitcases, backpacks, tents and wherever you might need a small mobile light. Of course, SOI. can even be operated by men too!
Multifunctional 2.0. Solves two „on the go problems“. No more endless digging in the bags and no more dead phone batteries whilst on the go.
Stop searching. Find. puts an end to endless searching in the deep voids of backpacks and purses. SOI. sheds light on the inner life of your bag and reduces the search time for keys, phone and what not.
This silicone ring works as a solid base for the SOI. light on the bedside table and similar uses, as the SOI. light is not merely a purse light, but also great on the bedside.
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