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BeepEgg Eggsercise / Character Collection / No.5

BeepEgg Eggsercise / Character Collection / No.5 plays three tunes for three levels of egg doneness.

  • Killing Me Softly - for soft-boiled eggs
  • That' s the Way (I Like It) - for medium-boiled eggs
  • Final Countdown - for hard-boiled eggs

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How to cook perfect eggs

Store BeepEgg together with the real eggs

Simultaneously place BeepEgg and the real eggs in the pan

Boil together until the tunes play

Rinse off BeepEgg and real eggs together

The Playlist

Soft-boiled eggs
Egg white waxy, yolk runny

Killing Me Softly

Medium-boiled eggs
Egg white firm, yolk runny

That' s the Way (I Like It)

Hard-boiled eggs
Egg white firm, yolk firm

Final Countdown

At first there was the egg. BeepEgg. A classic commodity. A little special, a little amusing, but basically a means to an end. A device to reach perfect boiled eggs constantly. Anywhere, anytime. After creating various themed editions, we were looking for a highly aesthetic BeepEgg. Designed by young and dynamic artists, reflecting the spirit of the time, giving BeepEgg a character. Lifting it up from its mere function. But in the end it comes back to the egg, supposed to taste good, to be boiled on point. As any other BeepEgg edition, the BeepEgg Character Collection works according to the smart BeepEgg technique for three levels. Simply store with the eggs, cook together with the eggs and wait until the BeepEgg Eggsercise sings. No matter what water temperature you start with and no matter what altitude you cook at, with this musical egg timer the egg will be perfect (FAQ).
Bon appetit!
Bench presses make us hungry. Push-ups are tiresome. And bodybuilders need protein. Since eggs are actually “bodybuilder food”, the “EGGSERCISE” concept was obvious. Because BeepEgg Eggsercise gradually turns a wobbly, sluggish egg into steeled food. Quasi the Jane Fonda of kitchen products. Of course, Frank Höhne also visualised this metamorphosis and accompanied it acoustically. But now off to training, otherwise you will get fat…
Nice to know

BeepEgg works perfectly at all altitudes

It doesn't matter if you start from cold or boiling water

You can boil as many eggs as you like at a time

BeepEgg can do every level of doneness, soft, medium and hard boiled

BeepEgg works for any egg size

MORNING MOOD for soft-boiled eggs
OH HAPPY DAY for medium-boiled eggs
I WISH I WAS A HEN for hard-boiled eggs
THE WILD ROVER for soft-boiled eggs
ROLLING HOME for medium-boiled eggs
DRUNKEN SAILOR for hard-boiled eggs
SWAN LAKE for soft-boiled eggs
IN THE HALL OF THE...for medium-boiled eggs
A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC... for hard-boiled eggs