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FireWire Set / Rezeptbuch + Grillspieß

A BBQ book with delicious recipes, containing a flexible grilling skewer (FireWire)

1x FireWire skewer
1x Recipe book

Note: The book is available in German only

EAN: 9783000374883

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Available (for delivery) from 06.01.2022

Everybody loves Barbecue. All-year-long. Meat or vegetables. Everywhere. In the kitchen, in the garden, on the meadow – barbecuing is always possible. The barbecue book "FireWire - Born 2 Grill" is the ideal souvenir for a barbecue evening and generally a perfect gift for all BBQ lovers.
Note: The book is available in German only
PiepEi Fan Edition
NATIONALHYMNE - for soft-boiled eggs
STADION-CLAP- for medium-boiled eggs
TRIUMPHMARSCH- for hard-boiled eggs
BeepEgg Elvis
VIVA LAS VEGAS - for soft-boiled eggs
HOUND DOG- for medium-boiled eggs
JAILHOUSE ROCK- for hard-boiled eggs
Hippie BeepEgg
SAN FRANCISCO - for soft-boiled eggs
CALIFORNIA DREAMING- for medium-boiled eggs
HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN- for hard-boiled eggs
Rock BeepEgg
SMOKE ON THE WATER - for soft-boiled eggs
I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU- for medium-boiled eggs
THE FINAL COUNTDOWN- for hard-boiled eggs
FireWire / 2pcs-Set
Natural Born Grillers listen up! FireWire is our flexible skewer, a great grilling tool that fits every grill – brings extra value for marinating as well.
Mafia BeepEgg
THE GODFATHER THEME - for soft-boiled eggs
TARANTELLA NAPOLETANA- for medium-boiled eggs
PRISONERS` CHOIR- for hard-boiled eggs