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drip.line offers a clever solution to the problem of damp rags, brushes, sponges and the like lying around. The expandable kitchen aid fits over every sink and offers rags and alike a hygienic place to store and dry out. But drip.line is much more than just a dishcloth holder. It is ideal for draining – whether freshly washed salad, cooked rice or delicious pasta. Simply position the sieve between the sink and the drip.line and you get an ideal hold. Drip.line is also extremely practical as a trivet. A simple idea, but one that can do a lot.

Sieb.Up is a smart add-on. The silicone made strainer is foldable and therefore easy-to-store. It is heat-resistant, which allows you to you use it for all cooking activities. From steaming vegetables to draining pasta with boiling water. With its stable handle, it becomes a perfect hygienic draining match with our sink rails drip.line and But its small base on the bottom will allow hygienic draining even without those smart products and prevent the goods in the strainer from stewing in their own juice - and most certainly, it is dishwasher safe. Sieb.Up creates space, got value, and is fun to use.