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Bayern PiepEi

Bayern PiepEi plays three tunes for three levels of egg doneness.

  • Skandal im Sperrbezirk - for soft-boiled eggs
  • Holzhackerbuam - for medium-boiled eggs
  • Bayern Hymne - for hard-boiled eggs

Made in Germany

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Available (for delivery) from 06.01.2022

How to cook perfect eggs

Store BeepEgg together with the real eggs

Simultaneously place BeepEgg and the real eggs in the pan

Boil together until the tunes play

Rinse off BeepEgg and real eggs together

The Playlist

Soft-boiled eggs
Egg white waxy, yolk runny

Skandal im Sperrbezirk

Medium-boiled eggs
Egg white firm, yolk runny


Hard-boiled eggs
Egg white firm, yolk firm

Bayern Hymne

Oans, zwoa, eaten!
The Bayern PiepEi is our contribution to Bavarian cosiness. Obviously, in Bavaria, pretzels and veal sausage are way ahead when it comes to a hearty start to the day, but the egg is also an ideal basic food supplement to recharge your batteries.
Too soft, too hard – but never to the point. Perfectly cooked eggs are a science in themselves. But no problem for the Bayern PiepEi. Simply store with the eggs, cook together with the eggs and wait until the Bayern PiepEi sings. No matter what water temperature you start with and no matter what altitude you cook at, with this musical egg timer the egg will be perfect (FAQ).
Whether for Oktoberfest or just on Sunday morning, a real highlight for all Bavarian patriots and souvenir hunters. Bon appetite!
Note: Bayern PiepEi is only available with German packaging. The user manual will be bilingual in German and English, though.
Nice to know

BeepEgg works perfectly at all altitudes

It doesn’t matter if you start with cold or boiling water

You can boil as many eggs as you like at a time

BeepEgg can do every level of doneness, soft, medium and hard boiled

BeepEgg works for any egg size

cregg / White
The gentle way to get to the yolk. Multifunctional cregg opens your boiled egg with style. Also makes a great eggcup.
PiepEi Alois
IN MÜNCHEN STEHT EIN... - for soft-boiled eggs
ICH WOLLT' ICH WÄR'...- for medium-boiled eggs
HALLELUJA- for hard-boiled eggs
Drop / 4pcs-Set / Assorted Colors
An egg cup which is stylish, sustainable and practical all at once. Its handle eases transport to the breakfast table.
Moo BeepEgg
FARMER IN THE DELL - for soft-boiled eggs
OLD MACDONALD- for medium-boiled eggs
TURKEY IN THE STRAW- for hard-boiled eggs
Berg PiepEi
MORNING MOOD - for soft-boiled eggs
HIT THE ROAD JACK- for medium-boiled eggs
DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY- for hard-boiled eggs
rocket / Blue
The elegant way to enjoy your boiled egg. A design as reduced as the egg shape itself. Metal-made, stackable, powder-coated and dishwasher safe.