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Al Dente

Der Pastatimer für Nudeln mit Biss.

Al Dente plays four melodies for the most common types of pasta

  • That's Amore - for 3 minute pasta
  • The Godfather Theme - for 7 minute pasta
  • Tarantella Naoletana - for 9 minute pasta
  • Gefangenenchor - for 11 minute pasta



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How to cook perfect pasta

Place Al Dente and pasta into the pan with boiling water

Boil together until the melodies play

Drain pasta, rinse off Al Dente with cold water

Enjoy the perfect boiled pasta

The Playlist


That's Amore


Der Pate


Tarantella Napoletana



Al Dente - Der Pastatimer für Nudeln mit Biss
No more pasta not being al dente. That's why there is Al Dente, the smart pasta timer. Everyone knows the situation, you just want to cook some pasta, but it comes out too mushy. Or too hard. That ends now. Al Dente, the saucepan mafioso, declares war on mushy noodles.
Put Al Dente in the boiling water together with the pasta and off you go. Now just wait for the right melody. An integrated temperature sensor and a timer start a melody generator in the small saucepan gangster. When the noodles are al dente, the mafioso blares out fun songs from the saucepan.
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