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FARMER IN THE DELL for soft-boiled eggs
OLD MACDONALD for medium-boiled eggs
TURKEY IN THE STRAW for hard-boiled eggs
TAKE ON ME for soft-boiled eggs
99 LUFTBALLONS for medium-boiled eggs
JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH for hard-boiled eggs
SAN FRANCISCO for soft-boiled eggs
SON OF A PREACHER MAN for medium-boiled eggs
HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN for hard-boiled eggs
Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.
From damp to dry. Smart solutions for every day problems in the sink. A clever gadget for draining and drying stuff in the sink. Fits almost every reusable bottle type, soda-maker & co.
The foldable, space saving kitchen strainer. Perfect for draining pasta, salad or blanched vegetables. Puts an end to huge kitchen drawer occupying strainers.
FARMER IN THE DELL for soft-boiled eggs
OLD MACDONALD for medium-boiled eggs
TURKEY IN THE STRAW for hard-boiled eggs
SMOKE ON THE WATER for soft-boiled eggs
I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN'...for medium-boiled eggs
THE FINAL COUNTDOWN for hard-boiled eggs
VIVA LAS VEGAS for soft-boiled eggs
HOUND DOG for medium-boiled eggs
JAILHOUSE ROCK for hard-boiled eggs
VIVA COLONIA for soft-boiled eggs
SUPERJEILEZICK for medium-boiled eggs
SCHENK MIR DEIN HERZ for hard-boiled eggs
AUF ST. PAULI BRENNT...for soft-boiled eggs
AUF DER REEPERBAHN for medium-boiled eggs
ROLLING HOME for hard-boiled eggs
DAS STEIGERLIED for soft-boiled eggs
WIR SIND DAS RUHRGEBIET for medium-boiled eggs
ICH WOLLT' ICH WÄR'... for hard-boiled eggs
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Were you looking for unique Easter gifts? With us, everything revolves around’s egg!

Easter is closely related to eggs. We eat Easter eggs and we decorate with Easter eggs. Easter gifts around’s egg are therefore ideal as a small gift for your loved ones. Are you still looking for a creative Easter gift? Then Brainstream is the right place for you! Here you will find practical and fun gadgets that you can give as Easter gifts. Easter gifts from Brainstream are not only fun, they are also really useful and solve problems in everyday life. See for yourself and take a look around!

Where does the custom of Easter eggs come from?

Eggs have a special meaning around Easter. Today they are painted, decorated and hidden for the children. But why eggs in particular?

Easter is a Christian festival. The egg became a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, because although it looks cold and dead from the outside, new life is growing inside. The egg is therefore symbolic of Jesus' tomb, from which he rose on Easter morning.

The smell of hard-boiled eggs being given as gifts developed because of the Lenten period before Easter, when neither meat nor eggs were allowed to be eaten. So the eggs were preserved by boiling and paid as rent or decorated and taken to church and given away. The decorating and giving away of eggs has remained with us to this day. Today, however, there are a number of other gift ideas that can be given at Easter.

Gift ideas for Easter – give a singing egg timer

with the PiepEi.

Who doesn't know the problem? You forget to set the timer when cooking eggs and they come out of the pot with the wrong consistency – sometimes too soft, sometimes too hard, but rarely perfect. Our BeepEgg puts an end to this. It plays a melody at every degree of hardness reached and even takes the size of the egg into account. To make cooking eggs with the PiepEi really fun, the practical gadgets are available with a wide variety of melodies – to match the spring, good mood or simply personal musical taste.

Easter is colourful – with Cregg, the practical egg crusher

How do you crack your Easter egg? Do you tap it with the cube or cut it with a knife? Why not try something new? Cregg, the colourful egg cutter, not only cuts your egg problem-free and without annoying shell cracks. It can also be used as an egg cup. With its bright colours and refreshing design, it is perfect for Easter and the start of spring!

The base for the Easter egg – rocket is the egg cup without mug

Egg cups come in a wide variety of designs – made of plastic with a suction cup, made of porcelain or even bamboo. With rocket there is now also a egg cup made of metal. The small stool not only holds your breakfast, it also looks particularly stylish. The cups are stackable, dishwasher-safe and, thanks to their special yet minimalist design, they are also suitable as a decorative element in the kitchen.

Easy egg run with Drop, the colourful egg cup made of bamboo

Hard-boiled Easter eggs are often used for games like the egg race or egg throwing. With Drop, the colourful egg cup made of bamboo, the little ones can get into the egg run with the practical carrying handle. Our colourful bamboo egg cups are of course not only suitable for children, but also as an Easter gift for adults. With their fresh colours, they bring life to every breakfast table.

Just in time for the festivities & Easter gifts around the Easter egg

Make your loved ones happy with an Easter gift from Brainstream. Whether you give PiepEi, our singing egg timer, Cregg, the practical egg crusher, rocket, the egg cup without cup or Drop, the colourful egg cup made of bamboo – you can be sure of one thing: our family-run company stands for „Made In Germany“, because our production takes place in Oerlinghausen near Bielefeld. With components from suppliers in the region, we focus on quality and flexibility. See for yourself!