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Zwitscherbox Holz, Ahorn + Weiß

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We live in a world of stress and restlessness. We can’t change that, but we can create little moments of calmness and relaxation. Zwitscherbox will help you create such moments at home or at work. The jolly bird sounds feel like a walk in the woods during the daily grind. With the Zwitscherbox you’ll bring the forest comfortably into your everyday life. It generates an atmosphere that makes you relax intuitively. Zwitscherbox is a unique piece of design and a great gift. It’s perfect for your bathroom or any place you feel you need a little time out every once in a while. The soothing singing of the blackbird spreads the unique magic of an awakening summer morning.
“A walk in the forest works wonders: the sounds of birds eases our minds and softens our gaze, we relax intuitively. The Zwitscherbox uses this effect” Phililpp Störring, founder and CEO of Relaxound states.
The Zwitscherbox comes with batteries and needs no electric cable. It can be placed anywhere or hung onto the wall. It will be activated by a motion sensor and fades out after two minutes. Volume can be adjusted or turned off.
Relax your mind and body – you’ll need it out there.
A highlight is the sustainable design front made of recycled wood. A German wood manufacturer handcrafts it exclusively for us. The elegant look makes it a neat piece of design and great gift.
Relaxound, the brand owner of Zwitscherbox gives 1% for the Planet. The global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations is tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. The concept is easy and effective. 1% of the gross sales will be donated to a non-profit organization fighting environmental issues or supporting environmental causes.