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Birdybox Classic / Black


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We live in a world of stress and restlessness. We can’t change that, but we can create little moments of calmness and relaxation. Birdybox will help you create such moments at home or at work. The chirping of birds is something truly magical: as soon as we hear it, we start to relax and feel immersed in the freedom of nature. The Birdybox makes good use of this amazing effect because it’s little concert of birdsong takes just 20 seconds to get us to rest and draw new strength. And because the Birdybox is so compact, you can use it anywhere.
Birdybox is a unique piece of design and a great gift. It’s perfect for your bathroom or any place you feel you need a little time out every once in a while. The soothing chirping of the blackbird spreads the unique magic of an awakening summer morning.
The Zwitscherbox comes with built-in batteries and a USB cable to recharge it. It can be placed anywhere or hung onto the wall. It will be activated by a motion sensor and fades out after 20 seconds. Volume can be adjusted or turned off.
Relax your mind and body – you’ll need it out there.
Relaxound, the brand owner of Birdybox gives 1% for the Planet. The global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations is tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. The concept is easy and effective. 1% of the gross sales will be donated to a non-profit organization fighting environmental issues or supporting environmental causes.