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rocket / 2pcs-Set / Gold + Gold

rocket / 2pcs-Set / Gold + Gold

The eggcup without the cup. 

Designer: Sebastian Frank
Design Award: Focus Open 2013 Silver Winner
Material: Metal (zinc die-casting) / gold-plated

EAN: 4039457044813

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Probably the most elegant way to enjoy your breakfast egg. Made of metal, shatterproof, stackable and dishwasher safe. The uniform style and design are as logical, simple and reduced as an egg itself. All it takes to hold a breakfast egg is a ring – it sits on a tripod to ensure the greatest possible stability. No more is necessary.
rocket is manufactured in Germany using the zinc die-casting process. The gold plating provides that certain something and makes it shine. The weight, feel and appearance give rocket a beautiful value and thus make it an ideal gift.
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